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Employers need to be confident their Payroll is accurate and complies with the complex and constantly changing compliance regulations across all levels of Government. We also can keep the records off-site and provide you with a number of useful templates for the HR function.


Employees need to know that their details are confidential and accurate. We have found that employees are more comfortable dealing with an external provider with any queries about their pay. It is a very sensitive subject for employees. No other aspect of running a business involves so many external stakeholders.

Australian Taxation Office for PAYGW and Superannuation.

Workers Compensation Insurance and Workcover.

Fairwork Australia.

Office of State Revenue (Payroll Tax)

Knowing that your business complies with all of them all the time will reduce your stress more than any other aspect of administering to your business. Maintaining that knowledge base without an in-house HR team is expensive and very time consuming.


Using Biz Accounts 4 U for your payroll will securely deliver that at a fraction of the cost. We don’t run a payroll once a week or month we run them everyday and deal on your behalf with all of those external stakeholders, so that you don’t have to.

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